In just 2 days, you can start losing up to 20 lbs or more without any hunger or cravings

One evening after a long day at work I got down on the floor to wrestle with my kids and I noticed that I was already out of breath. How could that be? And then it hit me, I had become the fat dad. Even small tasks such as tying my shoes had become difficult.

I stepped on the scale. I was over 300 lbs.

That day I weighed in at 311 lbs. I knew that I had been gaining weight. It had been happening for years. But I had hit the tipping point. Literally.

Here I was overweight and sweaty all the time as well as feeling unattractive and sickly. Constant heartburn or migraines were keeping me up at night with the feeling of no hope that I could ever lose weight. I began to worry about whether or not I would even be around for my kids.

That is when a friend told me about the HCG diet. The HCG diet was created by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons and has been around for over 40 years. It recently became popular again due to coverage from TV doctors and celebrity usage (Snooki from Jersey Shore).

But when I started researching the HCG Diet, I found out that it is a hormone. I wasn’t very comfortable using a hormone to lose weight. Especially one that has been extracted from the urine of pregnant women.

It also requires a 500 calorie per day diet, which just doesn’t sound safe at all!

So I began the quest for a safe alternative. And I found it.

The Hope for Safe Weight Loss

HCG Drops Direct offers one of the only hormone free drops that have been licensed by a federal government.

The drops are made in Canada and are licensed by Health Canada for weight loss.

And here is the plus side, they allow for 800-1,200 calories per day and you can still lose weight!

I have found that most HCG Diet Drops out there don’t actually contain any hormone. They are “homeopathic” alcohol/water drops that work only as a placebo. The “active” ingredients that they do contain are in such a small amounts, rendering them almost completely ineffective. Any weight loss is simply due to starvation from the 500 calorie per day diet.

The drops that I received from HCG Drops Direct are formulated specifically by master herbalists to mimic the effects of the HCG hormone without all the dangerous side effects. They are hormone free and contain herbs in all the right amounts that have been clinically proven to suppress the appetite and burn fat in all the right places.

I have done two rounds with the drops from HCG Drops Direct and each time I have lost over 20 lbs.

And it stays off!

The Hope for a Better Future

I also started exercising and eating healthy. I go swimming with my kids and even take off my shirt without feeling embarrassed. I roll around with them on the floor and wrestle and play as long as they want.

I no longer suffer from migraines or heartburn and my energy levels have skyrocketed.

I am no longer afraid of not being there for my kids. And this is why HCG Company has partnered with HCG Drops Direct to bring you the best drops available for weight loss.

So if you are tired of being overweight or even seeing your weight yo-yo all over the place, then take action like I did.

When you purchase drops from HCG Drops Direct, you get a 100 page ebook with all the instructions, weight trackers, and recipes that you need to be successful. It even has recipes and exercises for after the HCG diet so that you can continue your healthy lifestyle.

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